LAyout & Print samples

Brochure - Children's Nonprofit Foundation

This informational 2-page spread brochure was created for an invented nonprofit, the Wish Kids Foundation. It features a clean, light design with bright colors and fun graphics. The foundation’s logo features a little girl holding tightly to a balloon, lifting off her feet and rising up. The balloon brings to mind fun childhood memories and represents the uplifting nature of the organization. This symbol is featured heavily in brochure’s theme.

Prospectus Brochure - Residential Property Management

Perfect layout samples for property managers, architectural & engineering firms, and others, this sample showcases clean lines and modular structure, with organic elements enhancing the flow, this Prospectus Brochure showcases my eye for layout and composition. This sample demonstrates my ability to design, implement, and reinforce a visual system and execute the strategy on every page.

Infographic Poster

This poster utilizes a clean and informative design to provide important information about upcoming events in the community, and help drive awareness about the issue of sustainable development.

Event Collateral - Poster, PostCard, Web-Banner

This collection of design samples were produced for a One-Woman Show in Los Angeles titled “Tiananmen Annie”. Like the era this story spawns from, the design reflects a time and society with clearly defined structure, minimal color, and simplified shapes with sans serif type. This also highlights & conveys the important information in the design, the location and showtimes of the performance.